Time Management – Installing RescueTime in Arch Linux

RescueTime is a web-based time management and analysis tool for knowledge workers who want to be more efficient and productive.

I’ve been using RescueTime for two years on my smartphone and computers. It helps me to become more productive and understand how I spend my time.

It is available as both free and paid versions. Or as they call it “Lite” and “Premium” versions. A free version is sufficient for the people who want to keep a track of how they spend their time. RescueTime is available on Android, iOS Linux, Mac, and Windows as application. Its extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

For installing RescueTime on Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu installers are available on official website. They can be downloaded here. But for using it on Arch Linux and other Arch based distributions we need to do it the other way.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show how to install RescueTime in Arch Linux and other arch based distributions.

1) Check for system updates, and install if any.

sudo pacman -Syu

2) To install RescueTime from AUR, type/ paste following command in terminal.

yaourt -S rescuetime

Now, the installer asks for editing PKGBUILD, Press n. Then, it asks for editing RescueTime.install file, press n. Next, it asks to continue building RescueTime, press y. It will check for missing dependencies. If any dependency is found, follow on-screen instructions to install those dependencies.

After installing all missing dependencies, the installer will start downloading the binaries for RescueTime. After downloading all binaries, it will ask to continue installing RescueTime, press y. After loading all packages and resolving dependencies it’ll show package name, size and ask for preceding with the installation. Press y and RescueTime should be installed on the system.

It can be launched by typing rescuetime in terminal or by pressing alt+F2 keys and typing rescuetime.

First-time setup page for RescueTime

After launching RescueTime for the first time. You’ll see following window. Enter Email address and password if you already have an account. Or create a new account. Once you Log in to account, you can track your spent time via smart phone, and computer both.

I hope this tutorial has helped you install Rescuetime in Arch Linux and other Arch based distributions.


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