Fonts – Adding Native Indian Font Support in Arch Linux

I have switched from OpenSUSE Linux to  Arch Linux a few weeks go. And After installing Arch for the first time, I’ve discovered that there was no native Indian (Hindi, Devanagari, etc) language support in this distribution. This was a strange thing however, I’ve never encountered this thing in any of the previous distributions I used (Xubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE).

Before installing Indian Fonts

Thus, I’m writing this quick tutorial to show how to add native Indian language support so that Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and other Indian languages are displayed properly in Arch Linux and Arch Linux-based distributions.

Add Indian Language support in Arch Linux

Open Terminal and type/ paste following command:

sudo yaourt -S ttf-indic-otf


Enter password and it will install Indian fonts in Arch Linux.

After installing Indian Fonts restart web browser. Hopefully it  would display Native Indian Fonts. But if it fails, restart system.

After installing Indian fonts.

I hope this tutorial helped you read  and Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Punjabi and other Indian Languages in Arch Linux and other Arch based distributions.


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